I Empower Product Teams

by running workshops on product strategy, design, and innovation.

Leadership Success & Wellbeing Training

Workshops designed for corporations and universities to develop a success mindset, effective stress management strategies, and harmonious work-life dynamics.

Group size 12 – 30 people.

I’ll design and facilitate your workshop!

Whether it’s a critical business challenge or a fun-focused team retreat, I will design and facilitate the perfect workshop for your team. Ready to energise your team and get them working together to achieve much more in much less time? Let’s go! 🚀

Product Strategy Sprint

We guide leadership teams to alignment on actionable product strategies grounded in coherent goals, actions, and concepts.

Design Sprint

We collaborate with product and business teams to create valuable, validated products and more in just 1–4 weeks instead of months.

Product Launchpad

We work with product and business teams and turn complex challenges and opportunities into validated solutions.

AI Assessment Sprint

We help teams explore the possibilities of AI for their product, prioritize opportunities, prototype and test concepts to confidently pursue AI’s value.

Growth Sprint

We design product-led growth experiments with teams to create value where it’s needed most.

Enterprise Training

We equip enterprises and teams to do their best work at scale, more innovatively, collaboratively, inclusively, and enjoyably.

Got something else on your mind? Get in touch, and we’ll tailor design a workshop for you.

Whole-Person Leadership.
Design Thinking.
Personal Development.

Are you actually leading teams if you’re not considering each person as a whole with all aspects of their lives? Discover the findings, insights, and tools from my design thinking-driven workshops in Lausanne, Switzerland.

For business case studies in luxury watches, real estate, and healthcare, please request them via email.

Holistic Personal & Career Development
2-Day Design Thinking Workshop on Relationships
Applying Design Thinking to Relationship Challenges

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