Product Management Festival 2024 - Zurich, Switzerland

Highlights of Product Management Festival 2024

#PMF24 The Product Management Festival 2024 in Zurich is a premier event for product management professionals. As a senior product manager, I find the diverse lineup and the comprehensive agenda particularly compelling. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the festival’s key features, making it a valuable resource for anyone searching for ‘product […]

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Digital Innovation in the Luxury and Watch Industry

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, the luxury and watch industry has been profoundly transformed by digital innovation. This report, highlights key trends and successful case studies that underscore this transformation. Emerging Trends Case Studies of Success Rolex A pioneer in embracing digital innovation, Rolex developed a mobile application that significantly enhances customer service. This

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Swiss Product Management 2024

Swiss product management is distinguished by its focus on precision, innovation, and quality. These core values form the foundation of product development and management strategies across various industries in Switzerland, including traditional sectors like watchmaking and emerging fields such as fintech and pharmaceuticals. This emphasis on quality and innovation reflects the country’s long-standing tradition of

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